How To Submit And Package Trading Cards For Grading

How To Submit Your Cards For Grading:

  1. Add 'Card Grading Service' to your basket.
  2. Select the quantity of cards you wish to grade.
  3. Make your purchase.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of purchase e-mail, attached to this is our Online Submission Form.
  5. Fill out the form.
  6. Send your cards to us with your order number enclosed in the package.
  7. We will e-mail you once we receive your submission.
  8. We will e-mail you once again when your cards are graded and are in transit back to you.


How To Package Your Cards For Grading:

*All information provided is a guideline only*

  1. Make sure your card is in grading condition, no smudges, no sticky prints, no obstructions to the card itself.
  2. Place your cards in a penny sleeve, (1 card per sleeve).
  3. Place your cards in a Semi-Rigid or Top-loader (1 card per Semi-Rigid or Top-loader) and place them in a team-bag.
  4. If sending multiples, secure them together via cling film or something similar.
  5. Add bubble wrap to keep them safe in transit.
  6. Send them in an appropriate sized box, preferably corrugated for maximum protection.
  7. Place your order number (either written or printed) inside the box along with your submissions so we can distinguish who the cards belong to.
  8. Send via Royal Mail, we would advise sending Tracked 24, Tracked 48 or Signed For Next Day Delivery Guaranteed.